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Airport Lighting, Runway lighting, Airfield Lighting Systems

Airport Lighting Transformers

Series Isolating Transformers
A range of series isolating transformers with the standard 6.6A primary and secondary is available in power ratings from 25 to 200 Watt. Other current and power ratings can be designed to suit particular applications. These units are fully encapsulated to withstand the runway environment.

Mains Isolating Transformers
Mains isolating transformers for airfield lighting systems, generally housed in IP42 enclosures are available in power ratings from 500 Watt to 30 kilowatt. As each application has its particular input voltages, or voltages, and its own range of output voltages many of these units are custom made for the particular airfield.

The diagram below shows a typical airfield installation with a mains isolating transformer supplying the loop which in turn supplies the series isolating transformers to which the lamps are attached.

Electrical specification