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Auctioneering Diode

Features include:

  • Robust Design
  • Convection Cooling
  • Capacity to connect to more than two PSUs

Auctioneering diodes are used in coupling up two or more Power Supply Units so as to ensure a fail safe power source.

Two power supplies of the same voltage and current capacity are wired up so the two outputs are connected to the inputs of the auctioneering diode assembly. The output of this assembly, will have the same voltage as the feed supplies and is connected to the critical load. Providing the output voltage from each DC power supply is identical then they will share the load. This ensures that if one of the power supply units should fail, the auctioneering diode will transfer the load to the good power supply.

Auctioneering diodes also have the capacity to allow current sharing; if the load that is connected to the output of the auctioneering diode, requires more current than one power supply's maximum rating, then the amount of current needed can be the sum of the currents from the electrically balanced power supplies, less a reasonable margin. It is important that the power supplies be adjusted to allow for 0.7 Volts drop at the auctioneering diodes output and also for the supply voltages to be balanced. The power supplies should have some means of ensuring balanced loading. Amalgen unregulated power supplies share the load extremely well, but regulated power supplies should have current sharing circuitry or a slight negative temperature coefficient of the output voltage.

Amalgen power supplies Model No.s 2971, 3667, 5687, have a negative temperature coefficient at the output voltage, to ensure relevant current sharing.

Amalgen can manufacture auctioneering diode assemblies to take more than two power supplies if need be.

Model Rating (A) Voltage (dc)
5777 10 0-150
6009 30 0-150
5315 63 0-150
5803 200 0-150
For voltage above 150 Vdc please enquire at time of ordering.