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5 Volt D.C. 10A Power Supply

Model 3127

The Amalgen Model 3127 DC Regulated power supply is a compact, panel mounting, enclosed single phase input unit. Offering good regulation the power supply is mainly used in the instrumentation industry. The regulator is temperature limited and time dependant current limited. Incorporating a toriodal transformer which offers low weight, small size and the elimination of transformer hum.

Input Volts: 240 volt 50 Hz (110 volt available)
Load Regulation: Better than 2.5% no load to full load
Line Regulation: Better than 2.5% for input volts 210-250V AC
Total Noise: Less than 20mV R.M.S.
Protection: None. Input fuses should be rated 5 to 10 times full load input current
Current Limit: 7A approx. (14A for 6.5A mode) Output is short circuit protected for models up to 24 volts
Ambient Range: 0° - 55° Celsius
Dimensions: See below

Model Output
Volts D.C.
Amps D.C.
Typical full load
input current *
3127-X1 5 10.0 0.47 5.0

X = 0 for 110 Volts 50 Hz, X = 2 for 240 Volts 50 Hz, * 240V Input

Mounting: For maximum power output, mount with the longest dimension vertical. Do not obstruct airflow.