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Single output switching power supplies

Type Output   DC Power Rating
Model S-2525WF5A  2.1A 1.7A1.1A   
Model DR-30 *30WF3A  2.0A 2.0A1.5A   
Model S-4040WF8A  3.5A 2.8A1.8A   
ESMP48*48WF5A  3.5A  2.1A   
ESM50*50WF5A  3.5A  2.1A   
Model S-6060WF12A  5A 4A2.5A   
Model DR-60 *60WF6.5A  4.5A 4A2.5A   
Model DR-75 *75WF   6.3A  3.2A  1.6A
Model S-100F100WS20A13.5A 8.5A 6.7A4.5A  2.2A
Model DR-120 *120WS   10A  5A  2.5A
Model DRH-120 *120WF      5A  2.5A
Model S-150150WS30A20A16.7A12.5A 10A6.5A  3.2A
Model S-240200WA40A30A 18A 15A10A 8A5A
Model DR-240 *240WF      10A  5A
Model DRP-240 *240WF      10A  5A
Model DRT-240 *240WF      10A  5A
Model SP-300300WS50A34A 24A21A19A12.5A11A 6.25A
Model DRP-480 *480WS      20A  10A
Model DRP-480S *480WS      20A  10A
Model DRT-480 *480WF      20A  10A
Model SP-500500WF   40A36A32A20A18A 10A
Model PSP-500500WF80A  41.5A37A332018 10A
Model DRT-960 *960WF      40A  20A
Model PSP-10001000WF145  7567603733 19
Model PSP-15001500WF217  112100905650 28

* Din Rail mount only. S = Switchable input F = Full range input A = Autochange input

Units from 25W - 300W are capable of being Din Rail mount.

Switching mode power supplies offer small size and low weight advantages over linear power supplies and are usually more competitive in price. Wide input ranges on switched mode power supplies have allowed a standard product to be marketed world wide. This range of power supplies are manufactured in Taiwan and have three types of input configuration; switchable from low range to high range, automatic switching and full input range (88 to 264 Vac).

This range of power supplies have high efficiency hence low heat losses. The larger sizes have power factor corrected inputs. All sizes shown have EMI levels that meet the current Australian C-tick requirements.

All sizes are stocked; please check with our sales office to find if your preferred size is stocked.