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Dyne Industries
41 Barry St
Vic 3153 AU

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Power Transformers, Single Phase Transformers, 3 Phase Transformers

Automatic Mains Voltage Regulators

  • Panel mounting

    Stepless A.C. Mains regulator and transient voltage surge suppressor. This gear plate mounting mains regulator utilises a motor driven variable auto transformer and a series TVSS to give power from widely varying input mains. Particularly suitable for situations when nominal supply changes from 240 V A.C. to 230 V A.C. Click here for further information

  • Bench mounting

    Precision manufactured, accurate and efficient, Matsunaga automatic voltage regulators offer rapid voltage correction with zero waveform distortion. The units are of robust but compact and lightweight construction and are ideal for applications where constant voltage is important. Click here for further information