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UNIRANGE Toroidal Transformers

ILP Transformers continues to be one of the worlds leading range of toroidal transformers. In line with the world wide electronics industry the UNIRANGE of transformers has been rationalised to be used on 220 V, 230 V and 240 V 50 and 60 Hz mains supplies. The UNIRANGE maintains the company's reputation for careful selection of ratings widely used in the electronics industry. Each transformer has a single primary winding to meet the needs of 220 - 240 V operation. Two secondary windings chosen in three volt steps, connected in series or parallel give a wide range of output voltage and current options.


The toroidal transformer has the theoretical ideal shape for producing a transformer with the minimum of material. The high efficiency which is obtained with this type of transformer enables it to be conservatively rated without incurring size or weight penalties. There are no loose laminations or air gaps in the toroidal design which, together with the virtual absence of any external field, makes the ILP toroidal transformer particularly suitable for those applications where electrical and mechanical noise must be kept to a minimum. ILP's high quality and competitively priced toroidal transformers are suitable for all types of electronic equipment.

Model: Output
0UR Series 15 VA
1UR Series 30 VA
2UR Series 50 VA
3UR Series 80 VA
4UR Series 120 VA
5UR Series 160 VA
6UR Series 225 VA
7UR Series 300 VA
8UR Series 500 VA
9UR Series 625 VA
10UR Series 800 VA
11UR Series 1000 VA

General Specification:
Manufactured to: AS3108
Primary to secondary isolation >4kV
Secondary to secondary isolation 500V
Secondary voltage tolerance >3%
Insulation Category Class A (105oC)

Installation: The mounting kit supplied with each transformer allows easy mounting to a chassis or gear plate by placing the neoprene washers above and below the transformer and bolting the dished washer down firmly (but not over tight) on top. On no account should a continuous conductive path occur (either intentionally or accidentally) from the dished washer around the outside of the transformer to the chassis or gear plate. This will cause a shorted turn and damage the transformer.

Primary: Black - Black
Secondary 1. Red (start) - Yellow
Secondary 2. Blue (start) - Grey

Connections for Unirange Transformers

Options (extra cost):
  • Split primary: 120 +120 Colours: Black - Red (both primaries)
  • Electrostatic shield. Lead Green/yellow
  • Special winding ratios
  • Larger VA ratings