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Surge Suppression

Surge Protection Devices (SPD's) - also known as Transient Voltage Surge Suppression devices (TVSS) are now becoming routinely specified on switchboards and distribution boards feeding microprocessor based equipment.

Studies indicate that external power disturbances (lightning, grid switching, nearby industrial installations and power factor capacitors) account for approximately 10% of the total disturbances at any installation. The remaining 90% are generated internally due to starting/stopping large motor loads, VFDs, switching power supplies, power factor correction capacitors etc.

The reality is that with today's modern electronic systems owners and managers must invest in equipment that delivers clean power. Without such protective devices, today's installations can experience costly equipment failure and operational downtime. The cost associated with corrupt data, downtime and equipment repair/replacement is significantly higher than the cost of protection.

Tycor International is a recognised leading manufacturer of cost effective Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS) filters and power conditioning equipment.

Tycor's recommended approach is to employ an installation wide protection solution, this method minimises overall life-cycle costs and optimises uptime.

The 3 concepts involved in the Tycor approach to power protection solutions is:

  1. Ensure proper grounding (earthing) exists, all forms of power protection rely on good grounding. Enquire about Amalgens isolation transformers, these units can be used to re-establish the earth neutral link. A well grounded neutral is fundamental in eliminating power disturbances.

  2. Use a 2 stage approach to TVSS protection by installing the first TVSS at the main incoming supply to prevent massive surge currents from entering your installation. Secondary protection to be at the distribution board level, removing internally generated transients.

  3. Utilise a higher level of TVSS filtering on sensitive equipment. (PLCs, Robotics, Scanners and Microprocessors) Series filters should be installed as close as possible to the critical load.

Tycor products recommended for this protection are from their range of PTY and AEGIS transient voltage surge suppression filters.

The PTY panel mounted suppression system is setting industry standards for performance, safety and reliability. Features of the PTY range of TVSS filters include:

  • Wide range of surge ratings 90kA - 400kA per phase

  • TRI - Monitor, the first redundant monitoring system that ensures safe protection.

    The TRI - Monitor provides three levels of real time monitoring that detect any operational problems. Each level of monitoring activates a flashing trouble light and alarm annunciators. Unlike conventional systems the TRI - Monitor infrared sensor system is a fool-proof method for detecting damaged suppression components in any mode, including N - G.

  • Transient Switch, this option significantly enhances PTY suppression performance and acts like a "trap door" for the surges exceeding 1 volt above peak operating voltage. Benefits include 50% less stress on MOVs, five fold increase in MTBF.

  • Surge Plane construction, diverts surge currents equally to all MOVs resulting in lower let through voltage and longer life.

  • Internal fusing (200kAIC) ensures effective short circuit protection.

The AEGIS range of series connected filters are most suited for installation in final sub-circuits that are supplying sensitive equipment. AEGIS filters are available in rating from 3A - 100A single or three phase and offer a very high level of filtering as well as addition surge protection.

Transient Voltage Surge Suppression Fundamentals & the Aegis Solution

The Power Quality Problem - Load and capacitor switching, environmental controls, the stopping and starting of electronical machinery, and the increasing use of non-linear loads make harmful transient and noise generation a daily occurrence in all facilities. The presence of these disturbances threaten the operation of your microprocessor-based equipment, creating downtime, reduced productivity and lower "bottom line" profits.

The Aegis Solution - Aegis is a TVSS Filter designed for critical loads up to 15 amps. The unit provides OEMs and End Users with the industry's most effective protection against transients, surges and noise. The results are a reduction in component damage, errors and operating malfunctioning. Aegis protects your investment in sensitive electronic loads and ensures maximum facility uptime.

Features Benefits
Unique series hybrid design
  • Protection against high and low energy transients and noise
  • The tracking filter reacts instantly to changes in frequency and voltage, regardless of phase angle, magnitude or polarity
  • Active at all times, providing more protection than a conventional Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor (TVSS) device
  • Extends the life of your microprocessors by eliminating degrading power disturbances
High performance suppression capabilities Aegis has up to 39,000 amps of surge current suppression and 85dB of noise attenuation @ 100 KHz. This guarantees a superior level of protection and reliability
DIN-Rail, J-Rail or flange mounting connections The DIN-rail mountable enclosures greatly reducers installation time, effort and cost. This unique container is the preferred choice among OEMs and contractors. Optional J-Rail and flange mounting designs provide further flexibility
Status monitoring lights No more testing or guessing whether your unit is working properly. Filter indicator lights expedite your troubleshooting efforts during downtime situations
Optional remote monitoring capabilities Observe all your operations on a remote basis, including the power protection devices used to safeguard your critical and sensitive electronic loads.
Value AEGIS provides superior value when considering the level of performance and benefits offered. It truly delivers the best "bang" for your dollar.

Why should sensitive electronic loads be protected? - To directly improve your "bottom line"! One study shows failure to protect sensitive electronic loads is costing American manufacturing, commercial and service industries over $39 billion per year in lost time and revenue. The manufacturing industry alone spends 1.5 to 3.0 cents for every dollar of sales paying for power disturbance costs. Addressing these losses is a major profit opportunity for your business.

How common are transients? - Low level transient disturbances (100-1000V) occur on a daily basis and result in equipment failure over time. Transients over 1000V can result in immediate damage.

Surge Diverter

Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors are like a "pressure relief valve" on the electrical system. Although effective at handling high energy disturbances, TVSS components will not activate until the disturbance reaches a designated clamping voltage.

Line Filter

A series hybrid filter reacts instantly to changes in frequency and voltage regardless of phase angle or polarity. In comparison to other TVSS filters, this technology (inductor/ capacitor circuit combined with suppression elements) provides a higher level of suppression, reliability and life expectancy.

Why are electronic loads threatened by power disturbances? - Advancements in micro processor technology have resulted in integrated chips that are smaller and much faster due to more "densely packed". As a result, sensitive electronic loads:

  • Are easily damaged by low level, repetitive transients (dielectric failure);
  • Cannot always operate reliably on the raw power supplied by the utility or backup generators; and
  • Are susceptible to physical damage and operational upsets (logic errors, software glitches).

This increased level of sensitivity causes electronic loads to be more susceptible to damage, errors and malfunctioning. Even the smallest power disturbance can upset the operation of your microprocessor controlled systems.

The effects of noise - Noise disturbances can be interpreted as legitimate on/off digital signals, resulting in operating errors and equipment downtime.

To function properly, your sensitive electronic loads must be supplied with the "clean" power required and recommended by equipment manufacturers.

Installation Diagram:

Why Do OEMs choose AEGIS? - AEGIS is used by manufacturers and OEMs that build panels, control systems or equipment assemblies. Benefits include:

  • Reduces costly field service calls to repair or replace damaged microprocessors and PC boards
  • Fewer OEM warranty claims; and
  • Improved uptime and system reliability.

These benefits far exceed the cost of Aegis TVSS filter protection.

IEEE C62.41 (1991) Test Waveforms - A3 Ringwave 9Line to Neutral) (6000V, 200A)

B3/C1 Combination (Impulse) Wave (6000V, 3000A)

AEGIS protect against the full spectrum of transient disturbances. - AEGIS filters the entire sine wave and is effective against both frequently occurring low energy and occasional high energy transients. High energy transients can create immediate damage, while low energy transients cause microprocessor failure over time.

Tycor's products are designed in accordance with ANSI/IEEE C62.41 (1991) recommended spectrum of transient wave forms. The AEGIS protects against all ringwave and impulse disturbances.

Let-through Voltages (L-N) - (Based on ANSI/EEE C62.41, 1991 AND C62.45, 1992)

Aegis Hybrid Series Power Filter - 3 wire design has normal and common mode protection (L-N, L-G, N-G)

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