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Dyne Industries is an Australian Designer and Manufacturer of Custom Made Transformers, Power Supplies, Inductors, Chokes and Wound Components.

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Our Capabilities & Services

From our dedicated manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Victoria Dyne Industries can deliver you high quality short or long  production runs of all the products listed below. We also have reseller partnerships with leading brands in the electronics and transformer component space and can undertake repairs on transformers from 1 VA right up to 150 kVA.

SinglePhase TF_edited.jpg

Design and Manufacture of Single phase isolation transformers, autotransformers from 1VA to 50kVA 

Current TF_wrapped_edited.jpg

Design and Manufacture of current and voltage transformers

Design and Manufacture of Three Phase isolation transformers, autotransformers at our  from 50VA to 150kVA

Ferrite TF_3_edited.jpg

Design and Manufacture of transformers and inductors from 5kHz - 250 kHz


Design and Manufacture of DC power supplies

Chokes & Reactors and
Other custom wound electronics components of all types


41 Barry Street,

Bayswater Vic 3153



Trading Hours

9am - 5pm Monday to Friday

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