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Current & Voltage Transformers

From our Melbourne, Victoria based manufacturing facility Dyne Industries under our trade name BWM Electrical Engineering can design and manufacture your custom Current & Voltage Transformers (CT / VT)

We can design and build your CT/VT Transformers with the following capacities

Current Transformers:

  • Primary current ratings up to 8000A.

  • Standard secondary current ratings of 1A & 5A. Other non-standard ratios available on request.

  • Burden ratings to 100VA.

  • Application types include; Metering, protection, measurement, interposing, summation, sensitive earth fault, etc.

  • Construction types include;

  • Resin encapsulated for indoor and outdoor installations, varnish impregnated, PVC tape wound, Mylar tape and Cotton tape wound for oil immersed installations such as power and distribution transformer bushing turrets.

  • Routine test certificates provided with all CT’s supplied.

  • NATA certification can also be provided on request.


Voltage Transformers:

  • LV/MV types up to 36kV rated primary system voltage.

  • Metering and protection class applications.

  • Burden ratings to 200VA.

  • Open frame or resin encapsulated construction for either indoor or outdoor use.

  • Manufactured and tested to Australian and international standards.

  • Routine test certificates provided with all VT’s supplied. NATA certification also available.

Dyne Industries is an ISO9001 Certified Manufacturer

Contact us today to discuss your requirements!

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