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About Us.

As a proudly Australian family owned and operated business, Dyne Industries was founded in 1976 and today operates out of our factory in Bayswater in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Dyne believes in the importance of maintaining great relationships with all our stakeholders including our customers, staff and community

To our customers
  • A commitment to quality demonstrated by our ISO 9001:2015 certification

  • A "We can help" attitude to delivering on your requirements and timeframes

  • A dedicated team of engineers and fabricators many of whom have over 20 years experience available to help design and manufacture the equipment you need be that

    • Transformers

    • DC power supplies

    • Inductors

    • Chokes

    • Other wound components.

  • The ability to deliver short or long run production as you need it when you need it.
  • A willingness to work on any custom project you may have and a team that loves the challenge.
  • A customer base that has included names such as Clipsal, Telstra and the Australian Defense Force
  • Loyal customers that have been ordering from us since the 1980s to today.

To our staff
  • Maintaining a working environment that has seen many staff remain with us for over 20 years.

  • Providing a supporting environment to help foster staff retention

  • Providing training and development for our people

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